We are a holistic store/center offering alternative services such as Salt Therapy, Energy Healing, Sound Balancing, Yoga, Astrology Readings and Aura photography with consultation to name a few.

Salt Therapy

A session in the Salt booth infiltrating pure salt to heal and harmonize issues such as breathing and skin conditions. Relaxing meditative music is played in the background to relieve stress.

Sound Therapy

A Vibrational Sound Meditation though the use of voice chanting and sound instruments such as Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls,  Drums, Rattles, Chimes etc. That stimulate healing on an energetic level.


Yoga is a family of mind-body practices with roots in the spiritual and religious teachings of ancient India. Yoga = union of body and mind.


Aura Photo & Consultation

Get a photo of your aura and chakra system to determine what needs balancing. You will receive a 23 pg report and consultation.